a live tribute recording for gene eugene




E.P. Nights (Starflyer 59)
Going Places (Starflyer 59)
Christmas (D.A.S.)
All Right (The Violet Burning)
Elaste (The Violet Burning)
Cry Myself To Sleep (Undercover)
Witch Hunt (Undercover)
The Bomb (Michael Knott)
Kitty Courtesy (Michael Knott)
Hide Away (Steve Hindalong)
Hey Gene (Steve Hindalong)
You Found Me (Altar Boys)
World Burning (Altar Boys)
World Wide (Altar Boys)
Alright (Altar Boys)
When You're A Rebel (Altar Boys)
Mercury (Prayer Chain)
Chalk (Prayer Chain)
Grylliade (Prayer Chain)
Dig (Prayer Chain)
Sun Stoned (Prayer Chain)
Sky High (Prayer Chain)

"A Live Tribute Recording
For Gene Eugene"
Northern Records 2001